A workshop that brings Parents and Children together to develop board games with traditional fabrication and digital fabrication tools.


  • Increase confidence in building ideas and bringing them into reality

  • Provide an environment for Parents and Children to Collaborate

  • Use Multimodal approach to data collection to understand learning (MMLA)

  • Create an environment where past experiences are valued, and cultural values can be incorporated



S.T. Jones, M. Perez, S. P. Lee, K. Furuichi, and M. Worsley. 2019. Facilitation in an Intergenerational Making Activity: How Facilitative Moves Shift Across Traditional and Digital Fabrication. In Proceedings of IDC Boise conference (IDC’19). ACM, Boise, ID, USA, 6 pages.

Perez M., Furuichi K., Jones S., Lee S., Suzuki K., Worsley M., Using Multimodal Analytics to Analyze Family Interactions in a “Making” Activity. Companion Proceedings 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK19), CrossMMLA Workshop, 2019

Mekatilili Fellowship Program

A workshop held in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. The aims of this workshop was to support Kenyan students and professionals in developing technologies within the context of agriculture, accessibility, and design for manufacturing. We partnered with three local Kenyan companies in order to allow the participants to design for real applications. As a facilitator for this experience I designed a curriculum for using the ESP8266 IoT boards in Agriculture contexts and gave a presentation on AI and its applications.