About Me

Stephanie T Jones

My Great Grandmother, Sweet Tissue King, was a one room school teacher in 1920’s Georgia after being born to formerly enslaved and cotton share cropper parents. What does it mean to come from a legacy of people who fought to learn and teach?

I am a 5th year Computer Science and Learning Science PhD Candidate at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy. My pronouns are they/she.

My current research interests, as a part of the tiilt lab (technological innovations for inclusive learning and teaching) with Professor Marcelo Worlsey include intergenerational learning opportunities (key words:  making, equity, teaching), building technologies that are personally relevant ( key words: sports, wearables, virtual reality), and the relationship between anti-Blackness, learning, and computing (key words: algorithms, race, technology).

I can often be found asking questions or laughing at my own jokes.


PhD Computer Science and Learning Science at Northwestern University , 2024 expected

B.S. Computer Engineering, Villanova University, 2018

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Villanova University, 2018


National Science Foundation GRFP (2018) Awardee in STEM Education and Learning Research - Technology Education 

National GEM Consortium PhD Fellow (2018) with Idaho National University

Email me:

stephanie (dot) jones (at) u (dot) northwestern (dot) edu